Global Warming

The constant heating of the earth surface due to the trapped solar radiation mainly by the air pollutants and greenhouse gases is known to be as global warming. It is a topic that can be relate to the climate change of the planet, as the rising temperature fuel up hotter heat waves, droughts, rainfall and hurricanes. The process can be slowed down by reducing the carbon footprint and increasing afforestation and decreasing deforestation. Studies regarding global warming reveals that the average earth temperature had raised to 0.95° C in the year 2016 and probably it will rise more if the situation continue to be like this. The major portion of the causes and effects are caused by the human. The major evidence of global warming is the rising level of sea, melting of glaciers, the rising temperature of earth surface as compared to sea and last but not the least the depletion of ozone layer from the surface.

  • Contribution of mankind
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Ozone layer and surface level ozone
  • Circulation of Atmospheric Winds
  • Solar Impact
  • Oxygen Depletion

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